Add More Love to Your Close One’s Baby Shower With a Decorative Fruit Basket

Is one of your loved ones going to welcome motherhood very soon? Then this is the auspicious occasion that needs to be celebrated in the best way. The baby shower is all about pampering the mother with all love and care. Hence it is very crucial to pick a gift that will please her in the best way and make her have the best smile on her face. So are you having some ideas on what to give her? Let us help you. Fruit baskets and flowers are going to be the best idea to put a smile on the face of the newbie mother. At the same time, fruits are the best gift as it is healthy, and fruits are the must-have diet for any pregnant woman. Thus here are some great ideas for you about how to decorate the fruit basket and flower gift for the baby shower:

Keep it simple yet classy:

Nothing can be more beautiful than a simply decorated fruit basket with a very chic look. You can easily create the decoration by following a few simple steps. Here is how you do it nicely and neatly with few supplies:

  • Take a nice coloring basket for the fruit. Make sure the basket is sturdy enough to hold the fruits.
  • Fill the basket with the fruits you want to give to your close one. Place the fruits one by one in an organized manner.
  • Add a customized greeting card to the surface area of the basket, leaving a nice message on it.
  • Take a nicely designed cellophane paper. Make sure the paper is large enough to cover the entire basket.
  • Put the basket in the middle of the paper, and cover the basket throughout with the entire paper. Gather the excess area of the paper in the top of the basket in a slightly messy yet neat way.
  • Secure the paper gathering with a flower ribbon or a paper-made flower to give it a very nice charm.

Make it fancy:

A fancy decoration with a pretty color is going to look great for the fruit basket. You can easily create a fancy look by following some of the easier tasks:

  • Take a rectangular basket and wrap it with a colored paper or a satin cloth.
  • Now you need to add all the fruits to the basket by organizing them properly.
  • Simply put a stick balloon in the middle of the basket
  • Again wrap the basket with clear cellophane paper and gather paper extras near the bottom end of the balloon.
  • Give it the finishing touch by attaching a ribbon flower to it.

Add some beauty with flowers:

To add a flamboyant charm to any of the gifts, nothing can beat the charm of flowers. Thus, while gifting a nice fruit basket, it is always a great idea to add some flowers to the fruit basket online. Here is how you do it:

  • Take a fruit basket with a nice round handle over it.
  • Simply place the fruits in the basket.
  • Wrap the basket and the fruits with a piece of nice net fabric and gather the fabric excess at one corner of the basket.

Add a ribbon to the gathered knot. Starting from the ribbon, stick flowers to one side of the handle to give it a very exquisite charm.


Decorating the fruit basket for your close one’s baby shower will convey your love to the person in the best way. Hence, convey your best wishes with online flowers to Bangalore delivery from MyFloralKart and make the occasion worth enjoying.