10 Healthy Gift Ideas for Pregnant Wife

Struggling to find an ideal gift for the pregnant lady luck of your life? Moms to deserve your pampering and love. It is their time to get spoilt with love because they deserve it. There is usually a lot of things she’s already tackling on her own, so it is your duty as a husband to show her that you care. Her health during the pregnancy is crucially important, so something that keeps her fit, active, and healthy at the same time is an ideal gift. Here is a list of things you can gift to your beloved pregnant wife.

  1. Pregnancy Pillow 

Pregnancy Pillow 

As a pregnant lady, the body constantly changes. Getting comfortable sleep nearly gets impossible during the last few months. Rather than her pilling a bunch of pillows to get a comfortable warmth and sleep. You as an ideal husband can gift the comfiest, warm, and soothing pregnancy pillow. It offers back, hip, stomach, and neck support that delivers careless sleep for To-be-Mom.

  1. Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket

A pregnant wife brings a lot of mood swings, but what’s important is those mood swings shouldn’t let her avoid healthy food. The craving for something spicy and fast food is pretty common. But you as her husband can gift gorgeous fruit baskets that have all the much-needed fruits to keep her healthy.

  1. Comfy Slippers

Fruit Basket

Legs can get painful due to the heavyweight that lies in it. This is the reason why she needs a comfy pair of slippers or sandals to make her feet happy. The shape of these pregnant slippers ensures that the weight is not completely on the foot. Comfortable shoes are a must for your wife, she might not know it, but now you do so gift her.

  1. Maternity Dress

Maternity Dress

Your wife will see a devastating change in her body. She might not feel comfortable wearing the old dress that showcases her body vividly. Her old clothes might not fit well and thus the first thing she wants is maternity dresses. You can gift her gorgeous maternity size maxi, leggings, long top for her comfort. She will be happy to try to be in an ultra-comfortable elastic outfit that stays supportive and doesn’t seem to irritate your wife.

  1. Pregnancy Book

Pregnancy Book

To motivate her, you can buy an amazing pregnancy book that speaks entirely about mom and the child. How to nurture, ways to stay positive, what must be eaten, how to take care of your health, everything is noted in the book. This way, your wife knows exactly the things to do, and not to do while, so she can take care of herself well. While reading she will discover a few things they can benefit her pregnancy experience too.

  1. Dry Fruits 

Dry Fruits 

A dry fruit basket is also an ideal gift option to gift your pregnant wife. Dry fruits are rich in nutrients and they are very great for health as well. Dry fruit will add all the necessary energy a body requires for the mother and the child. She will feel secure and happy to have a loving and caring husband like you. You can choose a flower with dry fruits as a combination to Wow your charming wife.

  1. Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Your wife needs to be hydrated all the time. She might forget drinking water now and then, but she does need it for her baby too. Giving her a water bottle will remind her duty to be drinking water and staying fit. It will be a healthy approach and provide extra care to your dear wife. The hourly intake will ensure it is a perfect way to set a reminder of drinking water.

  1. Healthy Snack Box

Healthy Snack Box

Cravings for junk food might seem common to you. There are ways you can make her mood even without letting her consume the junk. Healthy snacks are a way to give your darling wife the sweet little surprise of yours. Spoil her and show your love to her by giving her a bunch of snacks all healthy yet delicious. Her nonstop craving has no endless solution, but with a healthy snack box, her needs can be sufficed well.

  1. Pregnancy Journal

Healthy Snack Box

If your wife loves to write and she has maintained a diary for a very long time. The ideal gift to give her is a pregnancy journal that depicts her 9-month journey as a pregnant woman. There are so many exciting things that occur with a pregnant lady, plus challenges too which she faces on a day to day basis. This journal can help her pen down all the feelings and feel comfortable expressing it out.

  1. Maternity Belt

Maternity Belt

There is an elastic maternity belt designed for women to feel confident and comfortable while walking. It gives great relief to the hip and reduces common pain that a woman faces during walks. It acts as a support system to the abdominal muscles which give enough strength. Also, bladder pressure reduces to a greater extent leaving only weight to be distributed evenly and less pain.

These are the top 10 healthy gifts for wife. You can choose any of the gifts throughout her pregnancy journey and remind her that you care. At MyFloralKart, you get a bunch of amazing products to choose from. Make sure you choose the fruit basket along with dry fruits and flowers as a combo. This is said to be one of the best and the healthiest gifting option to choose from.