4 Fruits and Flowers That Make for an Ideal Romantic 1st Night Gift for Your Wife

The first night after marriage is a day that is forever etched in the memories of a newly married couple. It is the first time they spend time together as man and wife and begin building their lives together. On such an eventful day, the gift you give your wife is incredibly significant. 

While jewellery takes the number one spot for a 1st night gift for wife, a well-thought gift of fruits and flowers with a unique and romantic meaning does not lag.

A customized assortment of fruits or flowers having deep symbolism is an excellent option for your wife. 

So, read on to find the best options available and the meaning behind gifting them.

A classic bouquet of red roses

While some may argue that it is an outdated gift idea, red roses have been the reason behind the start of some relations, saved some from the brink of splitting, and invariably levitate your significant other’s mood. 

What better flower to declare your love than red roses? You can use this time to bring back memories and restate your passion and commitment to end the tiring day on a sweet note.

Mixed bouquet of orchids

If roses seem cliche and overdone, use orchids! Orchids are pretty and come in different colors that signify different meanings.

If your wife is interested in flowers, then there is no need to verbalize your feelings, but if she isn’t, you can take this chance to express your commitment, passion, and pure love for her. The best part about a mixed bouquet? You can always add or remove meaning through the flowers you choose to put in.

Mixed fruit basket for the woman you love

Marriages are extravagant affairs. While they look pretty and grand to the guests, only the couple knows how tiring it can get. Take this chance to surprise your wife with a romantic fruit basket. Throw in all the fruits having a romantic symbolism, apples, cherries, strawberries, mangoes, etc. 

To be even more thoughtful, you can customize it according to your wife’s tastes. Nothing signifies love better than a gift to elevate your wife’s spirits, lessen her tiredness, and build strength. Besides, a Flowers with Fresh fruits combination can be an excellent add-on to make the gift even better.

Strawberries; with or without the chocolate

Strawberries have been associated with love for ages. They are the most commonly used fruit to represent love and are a favourite on anniversaries and valentine’s day.

Based on your wife’s preferences, you can get her a box of strawberries with or without the chocolate to add a complementary flavour. They are sure to help you gain brownie points without doing much!


Choosing your very first gift for your wife may seem nerve-wracking. However, with careful consideration and a general understanding of what different fruits and flowers signify, it is not difficult to find the perfect gift for your wife.

You can always choose a premade bouquet or fruit assortment, but adding in your personal touch by customizing the collection while keeping in mind your wife’s preferences is bound to make for a better gift that is pleasing to the eyes, good for health, and memorable.

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