Colour Extravaganza With Treats

On the previous day logs of wood are lighted making holy fire. The story behind this is about an evil king named Hiranyakashyap who wished to be worshipped like a god. His son Prahlad disobeyed him. The King ordered his sister Holika to sit in a burning fire with Prahlad in her lap. The sister had a boon that she will not be burnt in the fire. However, this time her boon failed as she entered the fire along with ardent devotee. The next day people of the land came out in great numbers and applied colours on each other and offered sweets. Holi gift is an essential part of the celebrations. This festival is celebrated in India and abroad.

Holi is celebrated with friends, family as well as in the community. Holi sweets are shared with aplomb. There are water balloon fights. To quench the thirst a drink called Thandai is offered to all. Holi gift ideas include tasty sweets like Gujiya hampers, other sweets in demand is Kaju Katli, Pinni, chocolates, and cashew nut sweets. To make it a hamper water balloons and natural colours are added to the sweets. Plastic Pichkari or water sprinklers is meant to spray colours is part of the hamper. This way the feelings of love and best wishes are conveyed in a colourful manner.  Online Holi gifts items are non-traditional ones as well. This includes religious gifts, personal care items, games, toys home décor teddy, etc.

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