Coolest Birthday Cakes for Friends to Surprise Them

What is the first thought that strikes your mind when your best friends’ birthday is approaching? Birthday cake for sure! Everything has changed over time, but the ritual of planning a party with a birthday cake won’t change anytime soon. Nowadays, we are getting trendy, cool, and extremely crazy birthday cake decorations, personalized cakes, and unique flavors in the market. Now that your BFF birthday is approaching, you should think of something cool, different, and crazy that will automatically bring a smile to their face. 

Hidden Explosive Cake 

These cakes look simple from the outside like a Choco butter cake with a minimalistic design and a cute message on the top. However, as soon as everyone is applauding while the cake is being cut, there is a massive explosion of gems, chocolates, and other surprises. Hidden cakes are adding a surprise element in the cake where the inner layer is filled with different candies, gifts, liquid chocolate, gems, and more. It is pretty exciting to see your friends stunned and amazed by the cake surprise. 

Layered Cake 

Multi-layered cakes are the biggest reason to be smiling all the time and adoring the gorgeous presentations of the cake. For a glamorous party event, this cake will be the best way to add thrill, excitement, charm, and happiness. It can be either a rainbow cake or a multi-fruit layered cake with chocolate. Strawberry and pineapple are the two most favored fruits that one can think of for cake decoration of it. But you know your friends better and their taste so chooses accordingly.  

Cakes with Photo 

Photo cakes are a way to remind them of the perfect moment and memory captured in the photo which makes the birthday celebration getting doubles. Photo cake makes birthday celebrations effortlessly attractive, interesting and everyone wishes to know the “behind the scene” story of the photo in the cake. So, choose something funny, interesting and rememberable that you can add to the cake. 

Cake with Character 

Nowadays, people are fan Girling about everything they are interested in. Be it a movie character like Avenger, Spiderman, or a game like Clash of Clan and PubG. Many interesting series has made a special corner in the heart of ours, which can be a perfect cake theme ides. Customized cake with their favorite characters from any movie, game, or series can be a good pick. 

Cake with a Theme 

If you think the cake with character doesn’t make sense because they aren’t a fan of anything. Choose a theme they are more interested in or a profession they are into. If they are a doctor, lawyer, engineer, make the theme accordingly. If they like beauty, makeup, the cake theme can be accordingly done.  

There are many creative and fun ways to bring a smile to the face of your beloved ones. Only thing is, make the cake more customized that they can relate to in several ways. Online cake delivery in Indore gives you the freedom to choose from a range of options.