Funny Valentines Gifts for Single Friends

Not everyone has a valentine Valentine’s day. Some people choose to live their life without having someone special. For them, Valentine’s day is like just any other day. Although, there are a few people who tend to celebrate it by gifting themselves or dear ones. If you have a friend, sibling, or cousin who’s single, it is time to make some fun. Why not give them something interesting and funny that will make a smile on their face. Here are some fun Valentine’s gift ideas for single friends.  

  1.  Customized Funny Quotes Sweater: You can customize a T-shirt, sweatshirt, sweater, or hoodie with a funny quote on it. Examples are “Being single” “Single for life” “Lonely yet Happy” “Spoiled and Single”. Like these, there are ample funny quotes you can add to the trendy sweater. They can wear it on Valentine’s day and feel proud of their Single status.  
  1. Huggable Teddy Bear: Of course, a couple who have each other can hug anytime if they feel low and sad. But for singles? There is no way to cure loneliness and you being their friend can seem thoughtful. The huggable teddy bear is a funny yet quirky way to make your friends love you a little extra.  
  1.  Flowers: Flowers can be sweet and funny; you can do a prank on your dear friend gifting them a bunch of roses. It can be a surprise for your friend and they will wonder who gifted them? So, you can consider flowers and make their Valentine’s day more interesting and fascinating as well. Choose funny Valentine gifts and let them feel happy.
  1. Funny Mugs: Who doesn’t love Mugs? They are adorable, and the first thing to pick to start your morning. If your friend is a coffee person, you can think of something interesting. Choose some quotes like Single, Taken, Netflix or Can’t handle Love Shit, and so on. Mugs will be a good option if you add funny quotes on them.  
  1. A gift card: Your friends don’t get a gift from anyone on Valentine’s day. So, why not make them feel a little better with a gift card. A gift card from any shopping site will be better, they can shop for themselves. It can be a self-pampering gift idea that you can think of. You can add some cute and funny text to the gift card. 
  1. Cute Mobile Cover: If you want you can think of a cure mobile cover with their picture. You can also add some funny quotes on the cover to make the presentation interesting. Also, mobile covers are very useful.

You must think of picking an ideal gift like flower delivery in Indore for your friend that is not just cute, but funny too. They will love your gesture and be quite satisfied with you too. Make your friend surprised and stunned on this Valentine’s day and let them know they are not alone.