Gifting Ideas for Teddy Day

It is the best time of the year when we get the opportunity to express our deepest love for each other. Followed by Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day Gifts, Promise Day, Hug Day and Kiss Day the love festival finally ends with the celebrations of Valentine’s Day on 14th February. Well, the specialness of occasion increases with the special celebration of Teddy Day. Due to its relevance and significance in conveying the message of companionship Teddy Day is the favorite of many love couples.  

Significance and Importance of Teddy Day in Valentine Week

Every year celebrated on February 10, the fourth important day of Valentine’s week, Teddy Day is the best day to convey to your partner that you will always stay by their side during all situations. Your love is eternal and will continue to grow with every successive stage in life. Gifting a cute fluffy companion in the form of teddy can bring an instant smile to your loved one’s face. A teddy is symbolic of a long-lasting relationship filled with love and romance.

Which teddy to buy for your sweetheart? 

With so many options in the market, worried about which teddy to pick? If you are wondering which teddy defines your partner the best then we have done the homework for you.

Here is the sorted list of different types of teddies:

A Mushy Pink Teddy

If your partner is all mushy and doesn’t hesitate in expressing his/her feeling in front of anyone, then surprise him/her with a cute Pink mushy teddy. This will convey to your lover that you like and adore him/her the way he/she is.

 A couple of teddies 

Is your lover staying somewhere in a different city? Missing him/her badly? Then pamper him/her with a cute couple teddies along with sending flowers to Nagpur or any busy city in India. Moreover, if you can find a couple of teddies hugging each other it would add a cherry on top.

Teddy Bouquet

A bunch of small teddies exquisitely arranged in vivid patterns would make a unique gift choice this Teddy Day. It is quirky yet adorable. Definitely, receiving it your partner will feel appreciated and loved.

A Red Teddy with flowers

A red teddy is symbolic of love, compassion, and passion. It portrays the love and relationship intensity between couples. Moreover, when combined with red fresh blooms the gift will spark the intense love in your partner’s heart.

Jumbo Teddy

If a small or medium size teddy seems incompetent in conveying your feelings then opt for a jumbo size teddy. Surprise your sweetheart with this cute massive teddy; surely, it will make your partner feel out of this world.

Pick the teddy you like most and convey the depth of love you have for your partner. Get serious and explore through MyFloralKart special Teddy Day collection. Through our prompt online delivery services, you can gift teddies as well as send flowers to Kanpur.

So, create sweet memories this Teddy Day with our romantic Teddy Day gift assortment!!