How to design an eye-catchy fruit basket?

Delicious, nutritious, and colourful fruits look good and taste great. A basket full of rightly arranged fruits gives a perfect finishing to your holiday table. It is an easy source of snacks for a backyard celebration. Also, it serves as a thoughtful gift for everyone who is health cautious. It can fix any fights as well and can lighten up almost any mood. If you want your close ones to stay healthy and happy, design a majestic fruit basket all up yourself.

Choose a fruit basket:

The first step is to select a container. The traditional wicker baskets look good, but there are plenty of other options as well. Look for something sturdy, attractive, and large. It must be able to accommodate all the desired fruits. Choose the basket’s shape carefully. It must match the kind of fruit you are going to put inside the fruit basket.

Make a bottom cushion:

For cushioning the bottom of the fruit basket, make use of filler. You can use colorful plastic basket grass, raffia strips, or a shredded paper to make the filler. If your fruit basket is shallow, you will require a thin filler bed for protecting the fruit. But, if your fruit basket is deep, you need a thick filler bed for supporting the fruit and make it more visible.

Choose various fruits:

The time has come for you to choose a variety of fruits. You can choose your favorites, or you may pick the favorite of the fruit basket recipient. You can opt for fruit basket online delivery services to avail a ready-made basket. Or you may design all by yourself as well. Oranges, pineapples, bananas, grapes, and apples are the traditional choices. But other fruits can be included as well. Fully was and dry the fruits so that they can be eaten right from the basket.

Add few more things:

For adding variety to the basket, get some candies, candles, nuts, flowers, and packages of coffee or cheese. Crackers, cheese, or a wine bottle are some classic additions. Moreover, fruits and flowers are considered to be the perfect mood healers. However, when you are adding few things, keep a note of the age of the recipient because you cannot gift a bottle of wine to a patient.

Arrange the basket:

Now, arrange the fruit basket. Start with the heaviest and biggest fruits. The biggest fruit pieces need to be placed at the center of the basket. Position the medium-sized fruits around the edges of the basket. The smallest of the fruits like raspberries, dates, and grapes need to be used on tops and for filling the gaps.


When you design a fruit basket, choose unblemished and firm fruits. Try to avoid delicate or small fruits like blueberries and blackberries. Indeed, fruit baskets make any holiday celebration great. Fill your fruit basket with seasonal fruits, incorporate bows and ribbons that match the color of the holiday. For getting the best quality fruits, opt for MyFloralKart, as they have got your back and are stuffed with everything you will need to prepare such an amazing fruit basket