How To Use Flowers To Make Your Wedding Hairstyle

Flowers are a crucial element of the wedding, so why not include them in your hair as well? Read this post to know how you can use flowers to make a beautiful hairstyle for your wedding.

Putting natural, fresh flowers in your hair will result in a lovely romantic wedding hairdo. If you are having a beach wedding and don’t want to wear a flower crown, opt for a single huge bloom or a cluster of tropical flowers. Larger blossoms are the way to go if you are going for a simple updo, larger blossoms are the way to go. Smaller blossoms, such as baby’s breath and wax flowers, are suitable for more elaborate hairstyles. You can get beautiful flowers for your hair through online flower delivery in Hyderabad. Here are some hints for selecting hair blossoms.

If you are unsure and require help in selecting flowers for your haircut, consult with your hairstylist. Flowers in your hair can give you a retro, or classy appearance. Bring inspirational photographs with you to help your hairstylist create the right style for you. We recommend selecting flowers that complement your wedding theme and hairstyle. Cymbidium orchid, baby’s breath, freesia, daisies, stephanotis, Asiatic lilies, spray roses, mini carnations, and wax flowers are some popular blooms to use in your hair.

Hairstyles that combine dried flowers with foliage or herbs are very fashionable! Keep your flowers in water until the last possible moment before placing them in your hair. Before placing the flowers into your hair, use any style products and hairspray, as the chemicals, perfumes, or alcohol in these products might destroy the fresh blooms.

Baby’s Breath Flowers Bun

A bun is a classic hairstyle for weddings since it is simple to execute and nicely positions the dupatta on the head. You can now accessorize the traditional bun with baby’s breath and carnations in pink and white. It looks incredibly stunning with a pastel-coloured lehenga.

Decorate with Bright Flowers

Incorporate the bloom into your free-flowing wave or flip it up from behind. In contrast, there are numerous ways to style your hair; keep it basic and add colour with blossoms. Because your wonderful wedding day is all about you, be the best version of yourself.

The Eye-Catching Beauty of Carnations in a Bridal Bouquet

Carnations are the most lovely flowers that symbolize love and affection. Carnations are a good option for a non-messy low bun. White carnations can complement your red Banarasi bridal beauty. Carnations’ attractiveness can offer an aesthetic appeal to your bridal outfit.


The interesting thing about these lovely blooms is that most of us have seen them multiple times but have no idea what they are called. They’re called pansies, and they’re undoubtedly one of the most beautiful flowers on the planet. They come in several vibrant colours such as purple, fuchsia, magenta, and more, making them an ideal choice for any sangeet, mehndi, or Haldi appearance. Because of their size, they are suitable for use as hair accessories with open hair and braids, but you can explore as much as you want!


These readily available blooms are another example of flowers that can add a plethora of stars to your already magnificent bridal ensemble. While most brides and hairstylists like white and yellow daisies, you can choose the colour that best complements your clothing and overall style. Daisy blossoms are ideal for bridal hair and can be adorned on breathtaking open wavy or half-up braided hairstyles.


We hope we were able to assist you in deciding what type of flowers to use to embellish your bridal hairstyle. So, don’t forget to visit Myfloralkart, the best online flower delivery in Hyderabad, and get gorgeous flowers at your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of flower is used in bridal hair?

On the wedding day, most women put exquisite jasmine blossoms, also known as hijras, in their hair.

What flower is used to create hairstyles?

One of the most popular flowers for hairstyles is the rose.

What flowers go in a hair bun?

For hair buns, chrysanthemums, lilies, daisies, and posies are used.