Top 5 Engagement Gift Ideas that Any Couple Will Love

In a lifetime, we enjoy a lot of precious moments. Among them, one such moment is a couple’s engagement. Handing over a beautiful gift like a fancy engagement basket decoration to a couple always feels good. You can choose a good wedding gift easily, but it is challenging to select the perfect gift when it comes to engagement gifts. 

However, you do not need to worry because we have come up with the best engagement gift ideas for you.

Beautiful wine glass:

Help your favourite newly engaged couple make their life classy after the engagement party is over. Buy them the classiest wine glasses. You can go online to choose one or buy it from your local store. Whatever you choose, make sure it stands out from the gifts they have received. 

To make it more interesting, you can opt for flower bouquet delivery in Pathanamthitta and get some colourful flowers, and alongside give a set of two magnificent wine glasses.

Red velvet cake:

Cakes are something that everyone loves, and no one says “no” to a red velvet cake. This cake is always priceless at an engagement party. 

You may try to find out red velvet cake 1 kg price in Kerala and purchase the quantity you need for the party. You can pair your red velvet cake with a beautiful flower bouquet or an engagement basket.

A bucket list book:

Engagement means a couple is ready to spend the remaining days of their lives together. So, why do not you give them a handy bucket list book? They can write down everything they are going to accomplish together over time. Let them fulfil all of their goals. 

Consider some beautiful flowers from a reliable service provider of online bouquet delivery Alappuzha, and a basket filled with dry chocolates along with this beautiful bucket-list book.

Personalized frame:

Help out the engaged couple to capture their best moment together and frame it up. This way, they will cherish the moment throughout their life together, and whenever they look at them, they will smile. 

It is a heart-touching gift that will earn a permanent place of honour on the wall in their living room or bedroom. Moreover, when you help someone cherish their memory, you remain always in their heart.


You have seen ordinary candles, but here we are talking about the romantic scented candles. With the fragrance of champagne grapes and citrus, these candles will set the mood for the engagement party. 

You can also customize it the way you want. You may attach a handwritten note for the couple to feel surprised as soon as they see it.


Engagements are always special. It is the day when a couple commits to spending their entire lifetime together. It is always a treat to the eyes when the rings are exchanged on that day. And it is your responsibility to give the best wishes to the couple from the core of your heart. 

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