Top 5 Trending Wedding Cakes for 2022

The most delightful part of any marriage ceremony is the cake. While you probably have some notions about what you prefer your cake to taste like, you probably have not found your preferred cake design for your wedding just yet. Well, then why not opt for the best online cake delivery in Bhilai and get a wide range of options.

Nevertheless, you’d prefer a cake to appear just as nice on the outside as its flavour on the inside. Therefore, it’s acceptable if you are being choosy about your cake. To help you, below is a list of the 5 best wedding cake trends for 2022. 

Bas Relief Detailing

It is a carving strategy utilized in sculptural artistry. However, it’s presently made its path into the cake art globe as well. Buttercream is utilized to generate a slightly created design on the wedding cake, causing remarkable art. 

Bas relief is a technique to add the touch of an elegant old-world aspect to your marriage ceremony cake, especially when tone on tone is used. You can opt for the best online cake delivery in Gandhinagar to order such a cake for your special day.

Sculpted Elements

If you like chic and sleek cake designs, then a sculpted element wedding cake will be perfect for you. The base of the cake is modest – just a modest layer of fondant or buttercream that allows the sculpted aspect to steal the attention. 

From a conceptual cake design generated with some chocolates to a vast flowery sugar art, you can certainly let your vision go crazy with this cake. Appreciation of its versatility, it is incredible for all marriage themes.

Small Cutting Wedding Cakes

If you are still expecting to have a cake-cutting ritual with no big cake, a small cutting cake is a perfect solution. This small cutting cake trend made its first arrival last year as pairs were navigating the Covid-19 pandemic and thinking of micro-wedding. 

However, it is not moving anywhere. Pairs opt for wedding cakes of two or one tier. However, even though these cakes are small, the decorations will still have a powerful effect. 

Square Single Tier

These wedding cakes have been increasing in rage over the past few years. It must come as no amazement as micro weddings, small weddings, and also elopements are getting very famous. 

Nonetheless, the single-tier wedding cake is getting an overhaul; instead of a circle shaped cake, confectioners are going with favouring square designs and crisper lines. These are incredible for all celebration styles, but particularly minimalist parties.

Edible Flower-Added Cakes

Like the notion of coating your marriage cake in blossoms but don’t prefer to work with faux blooms or sugary petals? Well, you are fortunate. It is the time of edible blossoms. Not blossoms made with sugar, fondant, or chocolate but real flowers that you can consume. 

We like how they appear mashed into buttercream, and we highly imply adopting this trend if you’re having a garden marriage ceremony.


Your marriage cake needs to be as per your style and taste. Several things can motivate your marriage ceremony cake decoration. It could be a floral cake or a small cutting cake, and everything you prefer can be encompassed in your wedding cake design. 

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