Valentine Hugs Day: A Gesture of Romance to share with Gifts

The 6th day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as Hugs day which is one of the most important and romantic days celebrated amongst couples. Hugs are a beautiful expression of love, affection, and warmth that keeps two souls together and attached. Valentine Hug day gifts can seem like a tough job but in reality, you can steal their heart in the simplest yet romantic manner. What is the whole idea of celebrating it? And what gifts could be a perfect choice? Stay tuned!  

Why does one celebrate Hug Day?  

  • Couples on this day have to share a moment of love, affection at least once. 
  • It is when the two souls promise each other to be in their good and bad times
  • It is a feeling of safety and comfort that Hugs deliver as an expression
  • It is scientifically proven that hugging someone lovable for a long time releases the oxytocin in the brain that uplifts the mood and provides bonding 

Looking for unique & exciting Gift Ideas for Hug Day? 

There is no denying that an amazing and special gift on this day would be a tight comforting hug, but there has to be more to it. A hug is a great way of feeling closeness and expressing your love to your beloved ones. So, to make it more memorable, you need to think of gifts that will make them go “WOW”. You can also Send Flowers to Bhilwara which is an old yet gold gifting idea to think of.  

Love Pillow: What’s important after a hectic day? Good sleep in the night has to be it. And the pillow is the most underrated gift of all, which genuinely holds a lot of importance. They are crucial for one’s health, happiness, and of course to kick start a day positively. You can definitely think of choosing love shaped pillows, or Pillows with cute teddy bears hugging each other. They will love to hug this pillow to sleep and it will remind them of you every second.  

Personalized Mugs: If you have a picture of you and your beloved ones hugging or anything but you two in it. You can create a wonderful personalized mug gift for them. This will be the most soothing gift idea to think of, as they will remember you every time, they take a sip from it. Personalized Mugs are a good hug day gift option to think of.  

Flower:  Flowers are beautiful, mesmerizing, intense, and passionate in all possible senses. From lilies, roses, carnation to daisies and sunflowers, all of them hold a special meaning. You can not only present the beauty, but even one simple Online Flower Delivery in Bhilwara can seem to steal their heart. 

Gift your loved ones this Hugs day the most romantic gift along with a cute hug. On this day, words are not given importance but action speaks louder and therefore all you need to do is to make your very best impression without saying much.