Valentine’s Day Gifts for Toddlers Classmates

Having a kid is basically like spending your day entirely on him. And when it’s Valentine’s day, your kids are pretty much excited too. They want to gift their dear friend’s amazing gifts, sweet surprises and treats to make them happy. Kids love to personalize stuff and do something creative to impress their friends. 

If you have a toddler who is as excited for Valentine’s as you are, why not let them have some great items to gift their friends and classmates? If you are wondering about a perfect valentine’s day gifts online for toddler’s classmate, here we have some healthy and creative ideas. 

Let’s here some ideas: 

Greeting Cards 

If your child is creative, let their imaginative thinking go beyond! Bring in some colors, pencil, paper, design, stickers, and brushes. Make them create amazing and wonderful greeting cards for their classmates and friends. Something that is not just handmade, but also made with love, a personal touch. It will engage your child beautifully and add a strong bond between their relationship with friends.  

Fruit Basket 

Kids love fruits as much as they love chocolate. However, not to ignore that they can be pretty chosen too. So, make sure if you provide your toddler’s friend or classmate with some fruits, they must like it. It can be anything of their choice and easy to eat. Like blueberries, strawberries, oranges, bananas, and a combo of all. A mixed fruit basket can do wonders!  

Dry Fruit Basket 

Dry fruits might not be a very taste friendly option for some kids. But they are the healthiest choice to pick for kids. Instead of going for chocolates which are sweet and tasty, dry fruits will be good for health. Dry fruit gift basket if presented well, in a way to lure their interest, they will surely love to have it. Inculcating healthy and valuable habits in the kids at an early age will do good for you.  

Chocolate with Nuts 

If you are wishing to please their taste buds with sweetness, why not go for chocolate with nuts. It will be better because it has both chocolate and dry fruits added to it. The nutty crisp and crunchy effect in the smooth chocolate is a treat for sure. They will love this gift and obviously for Valentine’s day it is quite a thoughtful option. Allowing your kids to learn and understand gifting, sharing will make a lot of sense.  


Anyone who has a kid knows how important crayon is for kids. Crayons are the best pick as they add creativity, interest, and excitement amongst kids. Crayons are also affordable, attractive and kids’ friendly option. 


Now you have an overloaded gift idea for your toddler’s classmate on Valentine’s day. With that, what are you waiting for? Simply choose the one you think will be a great gift option for your kid’s friends. Let your dear child gift it to the classmates and have a sweet time on Valentine’s.