3 Most Widely Used Flowers for a Cutting Garden

Flowers are known to create a positive environment and bring a smile to our faces. Flowers are known to provide calm and relieve stress. Flowers make for thoughtful gifts as people usually choose them personally and arrange for them to be delivered. Opting for the service of online flower bouquet delivery in Chengannur is useful when you want to send flowers to someone’s doorstep to surprise them.

Buying a bouquet of flowers every day is sure to create a dent in your pockets. Having a flower garden with beautiful colourful blooms will make sure to give you lovely blooms and also help support the environment by attracting bees and butterflies. 

So, the 3 common garden flowers that may add colour to your bouquets are as follows.

  • Sunflower

Sunflowers can be called sunshine flowers and grow throughout the year. They are bright yellow and great to put in a bouquet. Also, you can combine sunflowers with carnations and roses to create an unusual symphony. So, opt for reliable flower bouquet delivery in Ernakulam to get such a beautiful flower bouquet delivered right to your home.

Besides, they are tall plants and sometimes come with red or brown petals from the brown centre. Also, they are easy to grow in small gardens or pots and can tolerate heat and pests to quite an extent. However, you have to cut these flowers carefully so that the petals do not fall off.

  • Daffodil

Daffodils come in bulb shapes and are easy to grow during the springs. They grow at a fast rate, and what could be more pleasing than a land full of bright daffodils spread across.

Having daffodils in a cutting garden will ensure plenty of blooms. They are mostly yellow in colour but also come in other shades like white, cream, orange, and sometimes pink. 

There are multiple flower styles like large cups, doubles, and trumpets that can be used in the bouquets. And you can easily team them with a happy birthday Bhavani cake and gift the combo to any close ones on their birthdays.

  • Gladioli

These flowers grow from corns and can be a part of indoor flower arrangements. They are tall spikes of flowers in multiple colours, excluding true blue. So, you can adorn your table beautifully with these flowers. Also, you can gift a bunch of gladioli along with a cake brought through online cake delivery in Bhilai to your beloved friend.

They are also called sword lilies and come in striking colours. Hummingbirds are always seen when Gladioli is in full bloom. You can decorate your home by keeping a bowl with floating gladiolus or putting them in a vase. The flowers come in the shape of a funnel on one side with six petals-like parts.


For Growing a few flowers and maintaining the garden in full bloom, you need to have a basic idea of which flowers to grow and how to grow them. With little gardening tips, you will have an understanding that will be an envy of neighbours and get you a bunch of beautiful assorted flowers. 

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