4 Favourite Birthday Cake Ideas for All Kids

Cakes are the most desired desserts for any occasion and strike a chord with everyone. Cakes help digestion and make a perfect companion with any cuisine. No matter how heavy a meal is, having online cake delivery in Agartala is the right thing to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Everyone in the family, right from grandchild to grandparent, does not mind having a cake right after food. They come in varied sizes and shapes. Cakes need not always be creamy; they can come with a mixture of healthy nuts and fruits or stuffed with beautiful flowers.

So, here are some of the most innovative birthday cake ideas.

  • Frosty Blooms Cupcake Cake

It is the most loved cake and can be considered a major attraction at birthday parties for kids. You can shape the whole birthday cake like a cupcake. Decorating the top with flowers and leaves made with nuts or fruits and mixing the colours to create a terrific top combo will have people drooling over the cake.

You can make the top décor as innovative as you want with fondant shaped like small flowers and leaves or twigs. Combine the cake with flowers from the best florist in Attur.

  • Library Cake

It is a cake for book lovers and is a pretty creative one. It is not an easy cake to make as it requires miniature detailing. You have to create a cake that represents a room, and half the room has to be shown as filled with books.

This cake can be made with chocolate bars, nuts, and fruits that can be used to show the books in the library. You can even have fondant for showcasing a few books. Books and flowers make a good combo. So, you can order some fresh flower bouquets from the best florist in Chengannur and pair them with the cake.

  • Galaxy Cake

Kids are often fascinated by the pictures representing our galaxy, and what better than a cake that looks exactly like the pic. Cake colours should have the shading of the galaxy, and when you cut, it will show the chocolate or caramel side inside.

This cake is a piece of art as it has to be mixed and matched with shades of grey and blue icings. Put in the mars bar for a fudgy texture and dust the outer areas with edible silver lustre stardust. Draw the stars and planets with a brush.

  • Cookies with Ice Cream

Who does not love to eat cookies and ice cream, and a combo of both is sure to tingle our taste buds? A cake made with assorted cookies and ice cream will surely be a hit among kids. Take 3 to 4 cookies and set them to make a layer, and freeze them. Top each cookie with any flavour of ice cream as per your choice and freeze it. 

It can be healthy when cookies with nuts are used. You can mix and match the cookies with any flavour of ice cream and top it with chocolate sauce.


Kids are always fascinated with the shapes of the cakes and the ingredients used. Cakes usually use nuts, fruits, chocolates, or fondants for the toppings or for the insides. 

You can always get a normal cake half kg price at affordable rates and decorate it innovatively to create a masterpiece. So, order from MyFloralKart and get the best possible designed cakes for your birthday.