4 Uncommon Flower Cake Designs for Spring

Floral cakes for spring come in different sizes, forms, and colours; however, what they have in common are these active flowery toppings. They are created with food colouring, powdered sugar, butter, and sometimes some extra seasoning as well. Unlike a normal birthday cake, these cakes are adorned with lovely flowers, resembling the essence of spring. 

From piped buttercream flowers to hand-crafted sugar blossoms and painted blossoms, these cakes have all. So, below are the top 4 flower cakes for the spring season. Have a look! 

  • Cascade

Fresh cascade is one of the most common custom flowery cakes. A cascade design gives an overwhelming number of bright colours, fresh greenery and fresh flowers. With a cascade decoration appropriately designed, your cake is certain to entice your guests. For brighter decoration, consider roses or light peonies. 

You can also consider utilizing a thicker blossom like darker greenery and hydrangeas for your dessert’s base. The more impressive blooms you add, your cake becomes extra stunning. Thus, get fresh flowers through the best online flower delivery in Chengannur

  • Rose-Topped

This is a unique, elegant, and simple flowery cake design for your spring party. Garnishing your cake with colourful roses, you still retain the right to select any filling or icing that you want. Select between creating a single, 2-tier, or three-tiered cake and decorate it with red, pink, or peach roses on the top. 

If you want a three-tiered cake, consider putting in a tiny batch of roses in every tier. After that, you can add flowery garnishes like lavender or eucalyptus leaves throughout the dessert. You can easily get such exotic flowers from the service provider of the best online flower delivery in Ernakulam.

  • Drip

These cakes are becoming one of the most common modern cake designs. Drip cakes give a similar luxurious dessert. Nonetheless, they then put in an extra layer of glaze or icing on top. This glaze or icing is then added to appear like it is melting down from the side of the cake. 

When appropriately prepared, drip cakes amplify an artistic, modern, and unique touch to the desserts of your event. To incorporate a flowery sense to your drip cake, you can put in a base of sugar or fresh blossoms. At the same moment, you can put a variety of blooms on top of the cake.

  • Minimalist

Some of the most common flowery cakes encompass a minimalist decoration. While extravagant and large-scale designs are still very common, not everybody likes them. Some people want a simple decoration that encompasses spring weather with bright floral senses. For a perfect minimalist design, you can consider garnishing your cake with a bright bunch of fresh blossoms. 

You can also design your cake with toppings of citrus, honeysuckle, violets, hibiscus, or lilacs flower. If you are not searching for an over-the-top design, you can consider a flowery cake with a minimalist and simplistic design.


You might be thinking about how a floral spring cake is different from other seasonal cakes. In the beginning, all cakes are the same, but there are some imaginative ways that you can be used to incorporate spring season elements into your dessert, through design and flavour, which will ensure the bake complements and shines the rest of your events’ style. 

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