Flora and Fauna Wedding Cake Ideas

When it comes to marriage ceremony cakes these days, the flavour is one of the aspects that wedding duos consider when choosing what to give their guests. Presently more than ever, fruits and natural flowers are replacing the conventional cake topper to generate one-of-kind, fresh layouts. You can easily get good-quality flowers through the best online flower delivery Ernakulam to design your cake flawlessly.

In fact, utilizing flowers and fruits is one of the prettiest and fastest ways to make an attractive cake. With various kinds of fruits and blooms to select from, you can effortlessly make a design that conveys your marriage ceremony style. So, here are the wedding cake ideas with fruits and flowers. 

Dainty Berry Flavoured Wedding Cake 

Berries are an excellent wedding cake design idea for the winter/autumn and late summer seasons. You need to be careful of which berries are available in season at your wedding time. Just like the flowery suggestion above, ensure that the berries you select are edible. 

Consider utilizing berries such as cranberries, blackberries, and blueberries in the winter months as other fruits like raspberries and strawberries are in their prime in summer. You can opt for a decorated fruit basket to design your cake beautifully. 

Blooming Floral Wedding Cake

It is an easy wedding cake garnishing idea to convert a modest cake into something wow just by putting in some gorgeous flowers. Romantic roses and blousy peonies in a range of beautiful hues can be simply what an ordinary cake requires to make it enjoyable. More simple flowers such as chamomile or daisies can look lovely atop a cake and will not break your budget.

Ensure to choose durable blossoms to design your cake. Some blooms, though fresh, may not be excellent options clearly because they are weak to withstand out of water. Some more pretty edible blossoms include violet, marigold, gardenia, dandelions, jasmine, lavender, lilac, pansies, etc. 

Rustic Naked Wedding Cake

A naked cake will be the best choice if you’re thinking of arranging a country-themed fall marriage ceremony. A naked wedding cake feels very rustic, and you can even decorate it with fresh fruits. A naked marriage ceremony cake can transform into a tasty statement-making centrepiece of a wedding. 

It can also be decorated with wood slices, pinecones, flowers, fruits, fresh berries, and many different items based on the season and style of your marriage ceremony. To provide your cake with an edgy sense, consider garnishing it with fronds and dried blooms. You can get fresh flowers from the best florist in Alappuzha to decorate your wedding cake.

Minimalistic Marriage Ceremony Cake Florals

For the bride and the right occasion, less is extra. Dried blossoms and other items, such as a pinecone, can do magic for the minimalist. The bridal bouquet’s central flower can also be used to repeat on the marriage ceremony cake to generate unity to the overall design of your wedding. 

Nonetheless, there is no necessity for a simplistic idea to be ordinary or boring. An individual’s creativity can undoubtedly come out to splash and bring interest to the comprehensive elegance of the natural items in a standard design.


So, these are the top wedding cake ideas designed with flowers and fruits. Celebrate your wedding with the flower and fruit-themed wedding cakes mentioned above. However, if you are thinking of purchasing such a custom cake for your wedding, you can easily order it from MyFloralKart at an affordable and normal cake price.