Top 4 Irresistible Fruit and Chocolate Pairings for Cakes

A melange of mouth-watering spiced fruits with chocolates gives an undiscovered experience. The assortment of fruits dipped in chocolates gives a gourmet-filled delicious chocolate cake. 

Normally fruits would be a drag; however, when paired with the chocolates, you will see them in a completely new frame. The chocolate bouquet delivery in Chengannur is quite famous for its mouth-watering and eye-catchy fruit-filled chocolates. 

Chocolates and fruits can have endless pairings and cater to a wide range of customers. They go well with each other as they balance the sweetness and the bitter taste of the various fruits. So now, let us look at a few combos of fruits with chocolates that go well into making a delicious cake.

Orange with Dark chocolate

Usually, dark chocolates go well with fruits like strawberries or raspberries. Due to their bitter taste, they gel with sweet fruits as they help neutralize the taste. Fruits rich in sweet flavours make an aromatic cake when mixed with dark chocolate as it reduces the sweetness of those fruits.

However, orange slices with dark chocolate create an altogether strong and soft flavour due to the mixture of bitter dark chocolate and tangy orange. The taste that this combo creates will not be the same as the other cakes.

As dark chocolates are expensive, this cake might be pricier than the cost of 1 kg red velvet cake.

Mango with Passion Fruit in Dark Chocolate

The mix of Mango with Passion fruit brings out the tantalizing taste of the passion fruit with the sweetness of mango. The blend of sour passion fruit with sweet mango and the intense dark chocolate makes an unconventional combo. You can arrange for this cake through a cake delivery in Aurangabad.

White chocolate is considered to be a good mix with these fruits, but the pairing of dark chocolate with the sour passion fruit and sweet mango creates something bolder. The high amount of cocoa in dark chocolate mixed with mango and passion fruit is sure to hit your taste buds.

Black current and Dark Chocolate

Blackcurrants have a sweet-tart-like taste. They are acidic with cherry-like mild scents and qualities. This acidic nature makes them go well with dark chocolate due to the sweet and bitter combo.

This fruit is commonly not used in desserts due to its earthy taste, but the aroma and the taste it gives are not common, hence worth trying.

If you are not sure of the combo of the fruit, try making a smooth ganache for a brownie or any other desert. Adding blackcurrant enhances the taste and gives an elegant look to your yummy cake.

Lemon and White Chocolate

As white chocolate has a creamy and gentle texture, citrus fruits combine well with them. Since it does not contain cocoa, the flavouring is mild and highly versatile.

While it carries a high cocoa butter percentage, the delicate scent pairs well with sweet or citrus fruits. They have a sweet-sour taste, and light white chocolate makes for a refreshing piece of dessert for a hot afternoon. 

Chocolate Truffles with lemon juice or a Classic Pavlova with a dressing of lemon curd with white chocolate is a winning dish.


The chocolate bouquet delivery in Attur is known for creating exclusive combinations of such fruit and chocolate cakes. Cakes often form a part of desserts at every place as they are everyone’s favourite.

With the right combination of fruits and chocolate MyFloralKart offers you a variety of cakes for every occasion.