Best Flowers That Pair Well With Carnations

Flower deliveries are common gifts for birthdays and a few other occasions like Christmas parties or weddings. You can choose a gift combo like a flower bouquet with cake delivery in Agartala.

Carnations are called flowers of love and are considered divine flowers as they are believed to be connected to Jesus. Carnations are found in various colours, hence are a perfect choice for bouquets. Apart from this, carnation oil also acts as an antioxidant and thus is used in cosmetic products.

So, here are some of the best flowers that go well with carnations.


Roses are considered the most beautiful flowers that adorn every occasion. So, carnations and roses make the perfect blend of flowers. The smooth petals of roses are in contrast with the carnations. Carnations and roses are available in multiple colours and can be mixed and matched well. 

You can have white carnations to go with red or pink roses or have rose petals blend in with carnations. Just throw in some lavender carnations with white or mauve roses for a colourful bouquet. Making captivating combinations of these two flowers brings out the creative side of florists, and you can have the best online flower delivery in Ernakulam.


When combined with lilies, carnations always take a back seat and act as supporting flowers in a bunch. There are white oriental lily flowers that look good with white and pink carnations. 

Purple or red carnations can form a stunning background for the prettiest of lilies. The glow of lilies enhances the beauty of carnations. There are many florists in Noida who can create beautiful bouquets with lilies and carnations.


When you are decorating outdoors for a wedding or photo shoot, the flower arrangement should be proper. With the sun making its way among the clouds, the combo of sunflowers with carnations of white, yellow, or orange illuminates the place.

With the best online flower delivery in Kottayam, you can get a good mix of sunflowers and carnations. A vase filled with sunflowers and surrounded by carnations will create a classic décor for the entrance to any place as it gives bright, positive vibes. White, yellow, orange, and pink form a colourful combo. 

Gerbera Daisies

If you want to have a somewhat different mix of flowers, what better option than Gerbera daisies with carnations? Like sunflowers, Gerbera daisies will create the same sunshine effect for the bouquets or decorations.

Contrasting colours and shapes of all flowers form a perfect bouquet. Gerbera daisies add spice to the already ideal bunch of carnations as they come in bold colours. The addition of roses will give the bouquet a bold and energetic look. 

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath flowers have an elegant and soft look, just like babies, and can make any arrangement look grand. Even though carnations pair well with large flowers, tiny baby’s breath flowers make lovely companions for carnations.

You can have pastel carnations with these flowers and mix and match several colour combos for a fabulous floral arrangement.


The best reason why florists opt for carnations is that they go well with many flowers, as they come in multiple colours. Each flower has a deeper meaning and significance and is used for its medicinal properties. Find different bouquet combos at MyFloralKart and choose the best ones according to your requirements.